The identity has as its concept friendship, with positive thinking and healthy life.

GGS aims to create a community and to do so we have created two characters, GG, a young entrepreneur who represents the co-founders, and PIK, a deconstructed cucumber, who together have adventures and have fun.

The identity has many colors, all of them bright and cheerful, which are combined with fun fonts and illustrations. 

The logo emphasizes the effects of humans by being all made analogically. The process of work gave the results to the final logo, by having errors such as the rotated or spacing of the G. In the same way that the swoosh happens to be, on some occasions, drawn by hand.

The entire identity is made analogically, by using papers, clippings, handwriting, etc.

At the same time, it incorporates a very lively and energetic color palette due to the optimism behind the concept.

MARICAS in Spanish means faggot and it’s a term that it’s used as an insult to folks from the collective. Our aim behind the naming is to empower the words and shift its meaning. The typo is strong and direct with the yellow color, the representative color of MARICAS.

The identity is characterized by the use of analogical resources, provocative images and activist messages. We experiment in each campaign with new techniques and aesthetics, which is why the general image of Maricas is eclectic.

All communication is done from humor and always in collaboration with emerging artists and queer folks.

The concept of the identity is born from the fetish of one of the co-founders’ with clouds and their large digital archive of them. As a result, the logo is composed of two clouds representing their union of the two co-founders.

Identity contains many clouds of different shapes to talk about the plurality of its artists, and on the website we can see the inner world of each person through their intimate moodboards.

All the identity aims to reflect the meaning of “sentimental” through colors, overlays and experimentation.

TRANSITAR means to go or pass through a place, and this has been highlighted with a dynamic typography, where the letters themselves seem like a path that we can follow, especially the A with a swirl in the middle.

The entire identity has been made in collaboration with more artists and people from the world of education. Thus giving rise to a plurality of shapes, colors and letters.

We redesigned their logo VISO adding the word PROJECT. Our aim was to make the O the most important symbol of their new identity, which was inspired by a piece of furniture.

The identity was built by geometric and abstract shapes, taken from the products, that when put together, they form the word VISO, as if they were a puzzle. The chromatic palette varies each season, but always has 4 colors that work in harmony together.

It’s our first 100% analog and modular identity. Where the protagonists are geometric shapes and large, bold typography. The information is separated by blocks, thus having a dynamic and playful identity.

The letters All Eyes On Hip Hop come together to form the AEOHH festival symbol and logo.

The color palette is simple, with pure and basic colors. Each year a representative color is chosen, blue was the first color of the festival.

The identity is based on Enric’s work and profession, being an organic and rational identity that breaks with what is established but without losing professionalism and seriousness.

Enric’s signature serves as a logo and as a decorative element depending on the size.

The color palette is based on the colors of the foundation’s space, and the graphic elements of the identity are limits that delimit and organize the physical and digital spaces, then having images and illustrations that break with the composition in an organic way, thus remembering to Enric’s collages.

Inspired by street art and “LIVE” retroluminous posters. The campaign brings together analog street styles such as tags, streetware or textures along with digital codes with typography, rational compositions and 3D elements.

Illustrations and labels appear in black and white to emphasize the red color representative of SNKRS NIKE. These elements have a street and nostalgic aesthetic, while the typography and the pixelated logo are presented as current and digital elements.

The idea behind this graphic identity comes from the conceptualization of a SUPERCLUSTER, a big gathering of galaxies that compose one big alliance.

We represent this SUPERCLUSTER with a circle, the simplest form in the universe, which can expand and then you can see all the parts that compose this alliance.

This idea is transmitted with an organic, dynamic and youthful.

Toda la identidad contiene recursos gráficos que recuerdan a un viaje en el espacio, como los degradados, la información de los lugares y una website 360º.

The exhibition talks about classical music and connects it with a metaphor of the garden, that is why we have created organic scores full of flowers.

We’ve redesigned the iconic image of the contest (mouth and violin) with an updated art-deco aesthetic.

The entire color palette is reminiscent of a garden and the exhibition separates the three categories (jury, contestants and competition) into land, garden and tree.